Below are various vendors Joel's clients have used with success over the years. If you would like a formal introduction or suggestion as to which vendor may be best for your particular need, click on the phone or email icon and Joel will be in touch!

Increase your BUYING POWER!  Get Loan Pre-Approval NOW through one of Joel's Preferred Lenders *

    Jacob Cohen
    Mortgage Lender
    Call or Text (205) 613-4717
    Visit Jacob's Website                         
Rita Kay, Loan Officer    Jennifer Brackner
    Mortgage Lender
    Call or Text (205) 270-3886
    Visit Jennifer's Website

I strongly recommend Buyers obtain loan PRE-APPROVAL BEFORE viewing homes in person. Here's why:

  • You will find out what you can afford. You and I may think we know what price range you can afford but actually, that is something only a Lender can tell you. Why bother visiting homes that may be out of your price range? On the flip side, you may be able to borrow more than you thought!
  • I require a loan Pre-Approval letter from your lender with any home offer I submit to a Seller on your behalf. This is part of my negotiating strategy. If you were selling your home, would you consider an offer from someone who may not be able to get a loan? Would you accept their offer and take your home off the market just to discover later that they can't buy? What this means for you as a Buyer is when we submit this letter with your offer, it increases your BUYING POWER! Your offer will be considered over those which don't include this letter.

My Preferred Lenders are highly motivated to get things right, for two reasons:

  • Almost all of their clients are referred to them from agents - not from lead companies, junk mail or a pre-existing customer base (like bankers have). So they have TWO parties to make and keep happy: You AND me!
  • They aren't interested in a one-off transaction like many 1-800/internet loan companies. They want to build relationships for repeat business. So they're highly motivated to get your first loan right - so you'll come back to them for your next one!


* Disclaimer: In no way is Joel Watson or LAH Real Estate guaranteeing or warrantying the quality of work performed by any individual or company listed on this website. It is your right to pick any vendor you wish to perform services for you. Any information pertaining to such parties is provided simply as a service of convenience.